​© Elizabeth Pritchard 2018

PaperBag Comic Story


​“PaperBag” takes place in an unknown realm that reflects the character’s psyche, which is far from reality. As the main character, Liz, learns to separate her anxieties from what’s real, then she can make it back to reality - learning to shift from fear to love. These stories are about coming to terms with universal emotions everyone feels: doubt, love, fear, happiness, and others. Each page has no definitive structure, and is more of an autobiographical documentation of the author’s innermost thoughts and feelings that is presented in the form of organized chaos. It’s about learning to work with one’s anxieties instead of fighting against them so much. Each character apart from Liz and PaperBag represents various emotions ranging from feelings of doubt and depression to feelings of paranoia and mania. The conditions that the main character experiences are illustrated as people in order to portray how real these types of feelings are to so many people.​